It is easy to think of how photography is democratized, and how anyone with a camera today calls himself a photographer. It’s actually an excuse. You are currently reading Fstoppers, a community-based publication that photographers regularly visit to learn about the latest technologies, methods, and recommendations. However, it can also cause anxiety.

Most of the photos posted are of very high quality and standards, and it takes 10,000 hours for photographers to improve their craftsmanship. It’s one thing to browse other people’s portfolios, but being overwhelmed by hundreds of people’s great works, you may think it’s as good as yours, which can cause people to lose motivation and cause anxiety. So, how do you get rid of it? How do you get yourself to a place where you psychologically want to go out and become the best photographer yourself?

I can divide good photographers into three main characteristics, which may not be the only characteristics, but I think this is what distinguishes us from people who are not so passionate about art forms, even though they may have the latest art Form equipment, drones, state-of-the-art lenses, or frequent travel.

1. You have been studying how to collaborate with others
It’s one thing to clean up the camera to shoot everyday things, but it’s another thing to plan to shoot, pick up the phone and ask friends or acquaintances if they can take trial shots or knock on the door. You shoot it.
When visiting these people, you can find excuses to want to try a new lighting technique or lens, or you want to try some close-up portraits. This is still challenging for me personally, which is what made me retreat in the past. However, in the end this is all done, and you can build your own portfolio and find the photography niche where you spoke to you in a certain way when you first started. If there is one thing I want to tell my young self, it is to start contacting. Stylists, makeup artists, models, architects, industrial designers, musicians and artists all need a good image. If you can make them understand that what you are promoting is what you like or like to do, and will learn from it, then this will be a magical game.

2. You like to solve problems
When the sun is too dazzling and no one supports the scrim, being able to think independently is an acquired skill and will appear over time. When the model arrives, you can feel that he or she is nervous and can make them feel comfortable and not obvious, which will make a noticeable difference in your image. Receiving an email from a client asking you to remove the tree in the background, but don’t know how to do it yet, but eager to learn and do well is a skill that will make you a step beyond photography . Become someone who knows how to do it or solve a problem. “It” is anything you want. This is your way to open up the market again.

3. You know how and when to concentrate
Photography is not a nine-to-five job. The chance that one day you will be hired as a photographer in a company is not the most common way for most people. No boss will tell you to go to work, or to edit or follow up potential clients at work. All of this is in your hands, so if you want to take your photography seriously, you need to learn to focus. Sometimes your editor will take you through the evening, while other days will allow you and your family or loved ones to go hiking. Self-discipline will be the answer to your business success.
in conclusion Maybe you don’t think you have any of these characteristics. This does not mean that you are not or cannot be or regard yourself as a photographer. I think this view will make the path of becoming a self-employed photographer easier to achieve.