Get a bird’s eye view.
Aerial photography and videography are an extraordinary way to observe landscapes and buildings from a unique angle, allowing you to capture beautiful photos of areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Aerial images and videos are important assets in the fields of construction, real estate and the environment.
Explore the special considerations required when shooting from airplanes, helicopters, drones, or high-rise buildings. In addition, know the right tools and applications to get what you want from aerial photos.

Choose your aircraft wisely.
The best method for aerial photography depends on what you are shooting and why. For simple projects, such as site planning or real estate shooting, drones may be what you need. However, certain altitudes and areas may require you to jump on the plane. On airplanes or helicopters, you can bring more equipment to ensure that the high-resolution images you want are captured.
ariel photography

The drone is easy to use and sustainable.
Drone photography is a viable and affordable way to enter the field. In addition, the impact of UAV flight on the environment is far less than other aircraft. Although some drone technology is approaching the level of high-quality cameras, if you want higher resolution aerial images, you will need to avoid drones or find a drone that can accommodate your camera. Remember, drones do have airspace regulations-so make sure you are allowed to occupy the area where you are going to fly.

The plane flies very far.
The plane can fly higher and farther, allowing you to overlook many areas where drones are not allowed. Booking a flight may be cheaper and easier than you think. In addition, you can carry high-quality camera equipment with you to ensure gallery-level work. Pilot and aviation photographer Alex McLean recommends using a high-wing aircraft, such as the Cessna 172, so the wings are above the cockpit and will not get in the way while you are shooting.

The helicopter moves flexibly at a low altitude.
Aircraft cannot fly below 1,000 feet in densely populated areas. If you need to fly at low altitude or hover over an area, please book a helicopter. Although it may be more costly than booking a plane, renting a helicopter is the best option when shooting smaller or densely populated areas such as houses or stadiums.

Prepare the right tools and applications.
“You can do anything. It just boils down to licenses and budgets,” said aerial photographer and videographer Toby Harriman. Just make sure you are ready. Before you take off to capture aerial video or photos, keep these key factors in mind.