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Check the profile of each Houston wedding cake artist, check out their portfolio and published works! Also, jump over to see more wedding cake ideas, tips and suggestions from local cake artists. Finally, check out our creative gallery, where you can browse the endless cake gallery designed by the best wedding cake designers in Houston.
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Everything you need to know about ordering a wedding cake
When it comes to your wedding, choosing the perfect wedding cake for your special day is a daunting task in itself. The choices are really endless. From cream to ganache, sugar flowers and piping, it feels a bit overwhelming! Please rest assured that we have provided you with protection. Before committing to the wedding cake of your dreams, we want to make sure you cover all the basics. We collected everything a bride should know about cakes. continue reading!
wedding Cake Vendors

How to book a cake supplier
Just like any other part of the wedding process, finding the cake of your dreams is very important! Choosing the perfect cake starts with choosing the perfect supplier. Determining your supplier should start with research. Research, research and more research! Search for suppliers whose style, design, and pricing are consistent with your wedding list. Once you have found your dream wedding cake supplier, it’s time to book! You can arrange a tasting over the phone or send an inquiry through their website! Do what works for you! Don’t forget to bring a list of questions before tasting the cake. Here are the questions we think our brides should be prepared for at any tasting they like! Now let your taste buds start to work!

1. What flavors and fillings do you offer? 2. Does the fee include tasting sessions? 3. How big should our cake be to feed our guests? 4. Do you have a collection of past design portfolios? 5. How do you price your cake? 6. How far in advance do we need to order cakes? 7. How many cakes do you deliver on the same day?

What is the cake tasting like
Once you have carefully screened each wedding blog and Pinterest section, you have identified your supplier! great! Now is the best day ever-Cake Tasting Day! Which couple will not be excited about eating endless cakes? In addition to all the fun, we hope you will be prepared for what really happens in the traditional cake tasting date. Usually, the couple will discuss the flavor mix with the baker and the appearance of the overall cake design. It’s basically like a brainstorming session, but with delicious samples. Finally, the couple can choose their wedding cake decoration. Choose from a bouquet of flowers, heirlooms or classic statuettes of bride and groom. Let imagination run free! Remember to remember your budget to avoid accidents on the road!

Cake size per guest
Have you heard of wedding disasters where there is not enough cake? We certainly hope not, but we want to make sure that every bride knows to choose the right number of cakes based on her guest list. Wilton is a time-tested true cake master, he shared that a small 3-layer cake (6x8x10 round) can meet the needs of 74 guests. Other cake lovers said that traditionally a three-tiered cake can accommodate 50 to 100 guests. With this in mind, depending on the size of the guest list, you can add layers to the cake to fit. Please remember that every guest will not have a piece of cake, and some guests may reply “no”, so we recommend that you order cakes after confirming the guest list. We know that cake is the best part, but too many cakes can be a problem! Also, an important tip to know is that wedding cakes are usually priced per slice ($1.50 to $15), so keep this in mind when ordering cakes for your guests that also fit your budget!

Choice of taste
When choosing flavours for your wedding cake, the flavour combinations are truly endless. Your cake will become your memory, so we want to make sure you choose the perfect flavor for your special day! We recommend that you choose the cake flavor after determining the wedding theme. Different tastes are more suitable for different seasons. For example, lemons will be a delicious choice for spring weddings! But all in all, you can choose whatever you and the groom like best! With the help of the baker, try various flavor combinations and frosting types-don’t think you have to choose only one flavor. Be creative and have fun! We have compiled a list of the most popular wedding cake flavors to help inspire! enjoy!

– Vanilla with buttercream frosting and raspberry jam – Red velvet with cream cheese frosting – Carrots with cream cheese frosting, topped with candied pecans – Chocolate with chocolate or white chocolate cream frosting – Lemon with vanilla butter frosting and lemon curd filling, topped with raspberry jam – Pink Champagne with Bavarian Buttercream Frosting and Strawberries – White Chocolate Raspberry with White Chocolate Cream and Raspberry Jam Filling